About Me

My name is Sloan.
I was born (sometime around) August 18, 2003.
My birth mommy tried to take care of my brothers and me,
but no one took care of her,

That's where my Mommy and Daddy found me.
They adopted me on September 22, 2003. 
I still had blue eyes and weighed 4 lbs.
Apparently, that's the size my head is now, 
since Daddy constantly says he remembers when all of me was as big as my head.

Bonnie and me.  He was a boy; my mommy had naming issues.
I had two cat-brothers (Bonnie and Lucas),
who beat me up but still loved me.
They were good big brothers.
They've both died,
but now I have a dog-brother (Max)
and a cat-sister (Mia).
Mommy's funny if she thinks there's room for her in this bed!
I'm the Pretty Pretty Princess.
That's what Mommy calls me.
It's true.

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