Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wind is no fun.

First it makes the house noisy. 
Then it makes the door move when no one's touching it.

Then it makes my walks a lot less fun.
Plus my ball goes all over the place when we're playing fetch.
That's why I can't catch it.... yeah, that's it...

Oh well.  
It'll be winter soon.  
Snow is so much fun to pee on!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Busy Day

Today outside was mean.  
It was windy and rainy and cold.  

Mommy and Daddy still took Max and me out, 
but not for very long because neither of us liked it very much.  

After we got home I had to think of ways to entertain myself.  So...

I was SUPER helpful with Daddy's paper he was writing. 

And I played musical seats with everybody.  
We have this game in our family where when one person gets up I have to take their place.  
So if Daddy gets up, I have to take his seat.  Or if Mommy gets up, etc. 
For some reason I'm the only one who thinks it's fun. 

Well lately I've been just sitting on Brother because he never moves.  
But once I sit on him he sure does!  
This time it didn't work, though.   
I'm going to have to drop things on him next time, I can't lose my touch...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Errands suck. Especially when you don't get to actually do them.

Why do humans call taking care of random tasks "running errands"?  
You don't really run anywhere... you drive.  You should call it "driving errands". 

And no.  It is not fun for your dog to sit in the car and stare at other cars whizzing by while you go into shops.  If I can't go in the shop, sniff around, make Mommy a little nervous when I sniff something slightly too long and she gets worried I'm going to pee on it, then it's not fun.  
Oh, and yeah- sniffing something just slightly too long is one of my favorites- I can practically hear her saying "She NEVER pees inside!!!!"  
Someday I will.  Max has. 
 Of course, he was "just confused" 'cause it was a plant... whatever.  
He lies.

This is how I spend most of my days now that it's cold.  
I'm on the right- duh.  Brother is on the left under the brown blanket.  
I'm not entirely certain that Mommy doesn't just cover me up in hopes that I'm like a parrot 
and it'll make me go to sleep, 
but once I'm under there I'm too comfy to test it.  
Oh, well.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bad Deeds Must Be Punished

So today I didn't get a real walk- or "adventure" as my mommy thinks I call it.  Daddy's gone all night to "work" (I don't believe in things I can't lick, chase, or pee on), and Mommy was there all day. 
 Since it's dark so early I only get a short walk down the street.  
On a lead.  
and doesn't count.  

Whoever this "work" is is really getting in the way of my maintaining my pee-spots.  They need checking- and often. You never know when some other dog is going to come along and ruin a perfect marking.

I'm thinking this warrants an oldie-but-goodie: paw at the covers and whine approximately every 45 minutes all night to wake Mommy up.   
Gotta go- I'd better get my sleep in now.  Gonna be a long night...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm doing an impression of my brother...

He sits like a human:

 (Yeah, he had surgery... this was his SIXTH.  I swear he fakes his x-rays for attention... glutton.) 
(Actually I am a very good big sister and even bring him my toys when he's recovering.  Of course, I promptly take them away again, but it's the thought that counts, right??)

Anyway, I decided to imitate him.  But it's crazy uncomfortable- what's wrong with that boy?!   Also, please note that my mommy CLEARLY loves Max more- she took his picture with her fancy camera, which I am SOO much better at posing in front of than him.  All I got was a poorly-pixellated photo booth snap from Mommy's stupid laptop.  I'm gonna "accidentally" step on that thing, I swear...)

Introduction. Or, as I like to call it, "Licking Your Face Over the Internet."

A simple description of my life would be as follows: 
I have a mommy and daddy, who, as befitting their positions, do *almost* everything I tell them to do.  
I have a little brother (Max) who is inconveniently bigger than me, but still knows that I am the boss and checks for my approval before every decision.  
I also have a little sister cat-shaped creature (Mia) who lives in our house and doesn't understand that she's supposed to play with me whenever I decide to pounce on her.