Saturday, May 12, 2012

Brother Abuse

Mommy, here.
Just in case you needed further proof of Sloan's royal-mindset, she went into our conservatory (sunroom) and "nested" on the couch- she enjoys tossing and piling up the pillows to make a bed/fort. 
I heard her in there, and I knew Max was in there earlier, but I didn't think anything of it,
since normally he'd have stomped out when she started nesting, as he loathes environmental disturbances.

I later realized I hadn't seen Max in a while, so I went to check,
and was surprised to see him under Sloan's pillow fort! 
I'm not sure if he liked it or was too scared to move!

1 comment:

thecoffeehouse said...

haha. too cute! they make quite the pillow fort. :)