Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So Much Rain

I still do this.  By "this", I mean sprawl all over Daddy and the couch.
It's raining all the time.
I know Mommy doesn't like to go out in the rain,
so I don't make her.

Mommy edit: False. I prefer not to go out in the rain, but I will for the dogs.  Sloan, on the other hand, is convinced she'll melt.  Because of this she owns two raincoats: one winter and one summer. She's still so dramatic about it I keep threatening to get her a bucket hat or Doggles.

Since we've been inside,
Mommy's been looking at old pictures of me.
She shows them to me, 
as if I forgot what I used to look like:
the same adorableness, just with a darker mask.

Silly Mommy.

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Mo (New on U) said...

Mugsly HATES going out in the rain too. To think, these prissy guys descended from WOLVES?! Hard to imagine.