Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bad Deeds Must Be Punished

So today I didn't get a real walk- or "adventure" as my mommy thinks I call it.  Daddy's gone all night to "work" (I don't believe in things I can't lick, chase, or pee on), and Mommy was there all day. 
 Since it's dark so early I only get a short walk down the street.  
On a lead.  
and doesn't count.  

Whoever this "work" is is really getting in the way of my maintaining my pee-spots.  They need checking- and often. You never know when some other dog is going to come along and ruin a perfect marking.

I'm thinking this warrants an oldie-but-goodie: paw at the covers and whine approximately every 45 minutes all night to wake Mommy up.   
Gotta go- I'd better get my sleep in now.  Gonna be a long night...

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