Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Busy Day

Today outside was mean.  
It was windy and rainy and cold.  

Mommy and Daddy still took Max and me out, 
but not for very long because neither of us liked it very much.  

After we got home I had to think of ways to entertain myself.  So...

I was SUPER helpful with Daddy's paper he was writing. 

And I played musical seats with everybody.  
We have this game in our family where when one person gets up I have to take their place.  
So if Daddy gets up, I have to take his seat.  Or if Mommy gets up, etc. 
For some reason I'm the only one who thinks it's fun. 

Well lately I've been just sitting on Brother because he never moves.  
But once I sit on him he sure does!  
This time it didn't work, though.   
I'm going to have to drop things on him next time, I can't lose my touch...

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