Thursday, November 24, 2011

Errands suck. Especially when you don't get to actually do them.

Why do humans call taking care of random tasks "running errands"?  
You don't really run anywhere... you drive.  You should call it "driving errands". 

And no.  It is not fun for your dog to sit in the car and stare at other cars whizzing by while you go into shops.  If I can't go in the shop, sniff around, make Mommy a little nervous when I sniff something slightly too long and she gets worried I'm going to pee on it, then it's not fun.  
Oh, and yeah- sniffing something just slightly too long is one of my favorites- I can practically hear her saying "She NEVER pees inside!!!!"  
Someday I will.  Max has. 
 Of course, he was "just confused" 'cause it was a plant... whatever.  
He lies.

This is how I spend most of my days now that it's cold.  
I'm on the right- duh.  Brother is on the left under the brown blanket.  
I'm not entirely certain that Mommy doesn't just cover me up in hopes that I'm like a parrot 
and it'll make me go to sleep, 
but once I'm under there I'm too comfy to test it.  
Oh, well.

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